Wild Coast Sun, Sun International’s only beachfront resort, set on 750 hectares of bush between the Umtamvuna and Mzamba rivers overlooking the Indian Ocean, is consistently looking for ways to protect their beautiful natural surroundings.

“Wild Coast Sun is committed to protecting the environment. The Group has developed a holistic approach towards making our business paths more environmentally sustainable. We integrate environmental management into sustainable business practices throughout the resort including sustainability,” said Wild Coast Sun General Manager, Peter Tshidi.

The Resort celebrated Arbour Month in September by inviting the Leisure Bay Conservancy, Ithuba Wild Coast Community College and staff to join a guided tour to the Petrified Forest. This coastline tour explores 80-million-year-old fossilised trees and deposits on the rocks, dating back to the Cretaceous period.

In addition, Wild Coast Sun sponsored Ithuba Wild Coast Community College with a presentation by Pure Venom on the ecological importance of snakes and overcoming fear for these slithery creatures. The Resort also donated indigenous waterwise plants to Free Methodist Junior Secondary Schools and Ithuba College.

Every year on the third Saturday of September since 1986, volunteers around the world take part in the world’s biggest coastal clean-up – the International Coastal Clean-up Day. People gather to remove debris and rubbish from shorelines, waterways, and the oceans.

On Saturday, 16 September 2023, 30 local volunteers joined staff of Wild Coast in the annual clean-up event at the Wild Coast. Wild Coast Sun’s Mzamba beach had 25kg of waste collected.

Various environmental aspects form part of Sun International’s environmental strategy, with an emphasis on food security, reducing water use, zero-waste-to-landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving electricity efficiency.

“Wild Coast Sun has been a family-friendly resort for 42 years, and as we hope to continue being a destination of excellence into the future, we must conserve our natural environment for generations to come,” Tshidi said.

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