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In South Africa, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) rely on various funding sources to support their operations and programs. Here are some key sources of funding for NGOs in South Africa:

  1. Government Funding
  2. International Aid and Donor Funding
  3. Corporate Social Investment (CSI)
  4. Foundations and Trusts
  5. Public Donations and Fundraising
  6. Social Enterprise and Earned Income

It’s worth noting that the availability of funding varies for each NGO, depending on factors such as the organization’s size, scope, impact, track record, and alignment with funding priorities. NGOs often need to actively engage in grant writing, networking, and relationship-building with potential funders to secure funding for their projects and sustain their operations.

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NGOConnectSA possesses great experience and knowledge and was appointed as a grant funding management agent for the National Lotteries Commission in the funding financial year 2022-23.

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