Runners will provide “Gift of Warmth” donations to local schools

Pondoland, South Africa] – Wild Child Africa, the pioneering force behind the highly anticipated PONDO Trail Run, has announced Wild Coast Sun Resort as an official partner for the 2024 edition of the event.

Set against the backdrop of the breath-taking Pondoland coastline, this year’s trail running adventure promises an unforgettable experience, coupled with a commitment to community upliftment through the race’s new “Gift of Warmth” initiative.

The trail run scheduled for ‪22 – 26‬ May 2024 is setup in two formats: the Ultra 103km run in a single stage, or the three-day Coaster done in legs of 36km, 34km and 33km.

Nestled along one of Southern Africa’s most pristine beaches, the four-star Sun International property combines both natural beauty and hospitality. Situated within the Eastern Cape, just a kilometre from the KwaZulu-Natal border, the resort sprawls across 750 hectares of untouched wilderness, offering guests a sanctuary overlooking the Indian Ocean.

As partners for the 2024 PONDO Trail Run, Wild Coast Sun serves as the official start venue, welcoming participants with renowned hospitality and world-class amenities. Runners will have the opportunity to relax and prepare for the adventure ahead in the resort’s tranquil surroundings.

Wild Coast Sun joins Wild Child Africa in their commitment to community development with the “Gift of Warmth” initiative. With the colder winter months approaching, participants are encouraged to contribute warm children’s clothing and blankets. These donations will be collected at registration and later hand-delivered by participants to children at local schools along the route.

This will run alongside the event’s other two fundraising beneficiaries, the Pondoland Conservation Trust and Cipla’s “Miles for Smiles” initiative, which to date have sponsored facial reconstructive surgery for over 40 children in Pondoland in need of cleft lip and palate procedures.

“Our partnership with Wild Coast Sun embodies our shared values of hospitality, conservation, and community empowerment,” said Matt Botha, owner and founder of Wild Child Africa. “Together, we aim to provide an unparalleled trail running experience and make a tangible difference in the lives of those living along our spectacular route.”

The collaboration between Wild Child Africa and Wild Coast Sun underscores a mutual commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The resort’s robust sustainability strategy aligns seamlessly with Wild Child Africa’s ethos of environmental stewardship and community engagement, ensuring that a PONDO Trail Run leaves a positive impact on both people and planet.

“We look forward to partnering with Wild Child Africa for the 2024 PONDO Trail Run and to support their admirable efforts in promoting conservation and community development,” said Peter Tshidi, Wild Coast Sun General Manager. “As stewards of this remarkable coastline, we are committed to creating meaningful experiences for our guests while enriching the lives of local communities and preserving the natural beauty of Pondoland for generations to come. This event will leave a lasting legacy of warmth and compassion in its wake.”

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