Bestmed Medical Scheme (Bestmed) and registered NPO Unjani Clinics have partnered to make healthcare more accessible in and around George and parts of the Garden Route.

Bestmed has invested in an Unjani Clinic Health Pod, which is a mobile clinic that is equipped with the necessary medical equipment to assist community members with their healthcare needs.

Unjani, which launched in 2014, has to date provided over three million healthcare consultations through its network of over 130 facilities, has empowered more than 120 professional ‘nurse-preneurs’ and created employment for over 505 people. In 2021, the NPO launched its Health Pods.

“The Health Pods are consulting rooms on wheels that are equipped with medication, medical equipment, an examination room and furniture to serve as a small healthcare clinic. These pods are an extension of healthcare services to rural and outlying communities that surround an existing Unjani Clinic,” says Lynda Toussaint at Unjani Clinics NPC.

After partnering with Unjani in 2020 to assist with the distribution of face masks and sanitary pads, Bestmed continued its partnership with Unjani by investing in a Health Pod to provide access to general healthcare in underdeveloped and vulnerable communities, where basic essential items are usually not easily accessible or affordable to many people.

“The need for quality medical care in South Africa has come into sharp focus, especially following the devasting financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Leo Dlamini, chief executive officer/principal officer at Bestmed. “We aim to not only provide our members with quality, affordable healthcare but through this initiative, assist underserved communities to access healthcare as well.”

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