Youth in Prieska and the surrounding communities have been empowered by a security skills training programme, equipping them for the many employment opportunities this field offers. The beneficiaries of this development initiative, which comprise a near equal split of women and men, have shared how the course has been inspirational, giving them the confidence to kick-start their careers, with some even planning to establish their own small businesses in this corner of the Northern Cape.

“The course was very beneficial and informative. I know there are a lot of opportunities in the security field, and I would like to add more grades to my certificate. My goal is to start my own security company in the future and create more jobs in my community,” expressed Samantha Basson, one of the programme participants.

The programme targeted 50 unemployed young adults aged 18 to 35, equipping them with the essential skills and the necessary accredited qualifications to help secure employment in the security industry and increase their access to the job market overall.

“The unemployment rate in the Siyathemba Municipality is alarmingly high, so it is our hope that with this training and the skills imparted, the community’s youth will have a better chance of finding jobs and even pursuing their dreams of self employment,” said Joan Nel, Social Performance Co-Ordinator for MBP Solar, the funder of this socio-economic development programme.

This comprehensive training programme was provided by Landile Security Services, over a three-week period, with each week dedicated to a different level of security guard grading, namely Grade E, Grade D and Grade C. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including personal hygiene, safety measures, emergency response and self-defence.

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