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TFG’s (The Foschini Group) leading youth brand, The Fix held one of the most necessary and needed conversations on mental health. October signals Mental Health Awareness and the brand has been driving Mental Health Awareness over the past four years through their social media platforms.

The brand continued these conversations into November, in stores in a more engaging platform – panel discussion. Some of the work The Fix does in contributing to their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ (UNSDG) mandate, driven by The Fix brand’s purpose which is #Dowhatsright.

The in-store panel discussion centred on the societal pressures that contribute to mental health issues amongst youth and everyone at a broader level in South Africa. The approach was to have an intergenerational perspective on the conversation title “Being your authentic self and perfectly imperfect” narrative.

The contributors to this topical mental health series included Pabi Mbedzi, human rights activist; Palesa Tembe, public figure, TV Presenter, actress and MC; Mamohau Seseane, radio presenter, MC, voice over artist, model, social change agent and law student; Bravo LeRoux, artist through rapping, dancing, painting, poetry and singing in a choir; Dr. Sibongile Mpongwana-Ncetani, psychiatry registrar as well as Kalo ‘K.Dollahz’ Canterbury, DJ and transgender activist. The strategic selection criteria of these contributors was to align with what interests and inspires the customers, and emphasise the importance of being your authentic self and being perfectly imperfect, in the challenges we face in everyday lives.

According to Dr. Sibo Mpongwana–Ncetana, one in six South Africans suffer from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. As a brand, the focus is not just about helping youth slay the hottest fashion at great value but also about #dowhatsright. Mental health is a topic that’s still stigmatised and we need more people to know how common it is, where and how one can get help. That means talking about the tough conversations and situations that all of us, will experience at some point in our lives. It’s about helping each other by talking, sharing experiences, solutions and building the nation positively and forward.

The Fix intent with this conversation is to destigmatise, provide resources and shine a light to someone who might be going through a tough time in their lives. To watch the panel discussion, click here.

For more information about The Fix, visit the website, or head to InstagramFacebookTikTok and YouTube.

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