FOCUS AREA: Abused women and children, ECD, Humanitarian Relief


TELEPHONE: 076 262 0452

FAX: 086 528 9917




THE CRADLE OF HOPE was established in 2007.

THE CRADLE OF HOPE is an independent social upliftment and community organization that helps women and children in desperate need while simultaneously filling the needs in the community, as they are identified.

OUR VISION:  To empower less fortunate persons, the youth, aged, disabled, jobless, educated and uneducated, to lead a meaningful and dignified life so that they can fulfill their physical, spiritual, family, social, career and financial needs, and enable them to pay it forward to others from day to day.

OUR MISSION:  To provide our in-house beneficiaries with safe housing, healthy nutrition, assistance to obtain medical services, education, skills training, job creation, creative recreation, as well as emotional and spiritual development on a sustainable basis.  To address the needs in the community by providing daily meals and monthly food parcels to those in need.


FACEBOOK: The Cradle of Hope NPC South Africa

INSTAGRAM: the_cradle_of_hope_sa

LINKEDIN: The Cradle of Hope

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