The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has been hosting Casual Day in support of persons with disabilities and is this year proud to announce the 27th Casual Day on 3rd September 2021!

They have over the years with the assistance of their loyal supporters been able to raise more than R400 million. Despite very difficult circumstances, during harsh lockdown regulations for Casual Day 2020, loyal supporters continued to assist allowing them to still assist many persons with disabilities, who needed the support now more than ever before.

Their theme this year is COURAGE & KINDNESS and their goal is to get each and every human involved!

The theme is inspired by Disney’s newly-announced The Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration, which champions the qualities embodied in the theme.They request that supporters not only have the Courage to assist people in need by buying their own sticker; but to also help the course open doors to the Kindness of all South Africans to participate in large numbers.

Their 2020 partners – Disney Africa and Accenture – are taking the lead, again, in having the Courage & Kindness to go all out in supporting Casual Day.

“For Casual Day we ask you to look deep inside and find your bravest, most compassionate self and ‘pay it forward’ into the world.”

We encourage everyone to participate in supporting persons with disabilities.

Click here for more information on what to wear and how to get a sticker.

Source: Casual Day Website

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