BY: Mpofu Sthandile.

For 2023, the RSSA/GE cardiac imaging course has been created through a partnership between the Radiology Society of South Africa (RSSA) and GE Healthcare.

The course is set to bring two international radiology experts together with local specialists to deliver a cardiac imaging training course that is rarely available to South African radiologists.

The specialist training, which will be conducted by internationally renowned radiologists Rami Neemtallah and Jesse Habets, and local radiologists, André du Plessis and Vijay Dahya, will be divided into two courses – one for cardiac CT imaging and one for cardiac MR imaging.

Both courses will comprise didactic lectures, case reviews, group discussions and shared learning and allow attendees to work on the most advanced GE HealthCare equipment, while earning CPD (continuing professional development) points through Stellenbosch University.

Marlon Burgess, GE HealthCare country manager says, “I am particularly excited that the combination of the course’s advanced equipment and technologies will help the radiologists to produce worldclass studies and deliver much better patient care.”

Cardiac Imaging is critical to helping support SA’s healthcare system, as it enables outpatient examination while reducing the need for hospitalisation or anaesthesia.

Unfortunately, very few South African radiologists get the opportunity to receive hands-on, intensive training on cardiac pathology, scans and diagnoses, which are very technical, specialised and sought after in the medical field.

Democratising access to training

“People don’t realise that to get access to this this type of practical, hands-on training and international expertise is something that is always available internationally, but not often in South Africa. This course will go a long way towards levelling the playing field in this critical field of medicine,” says Burgess.

“That is why GE HealthCare is particularly proud to have partnered with the RSSA to develop a course that will not only help upskill local radiologists but advance the cardiac imaging field in South Africa, in keeping with its commitment to “creating a world where healthcare has no limits”.

Burgess concludes, “GE HealthCare equipment is exceptional in terms of the Cardiac Imaging space. To get three days of hands-on training on this equipment and case reviews on GE HealthCare software can only help advance the skills of local radiologists and lead to faster scans and better patient care.”


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