21 February 2024: Pick n Pay is continuing its drive to educate the next generation about the importance of recycling by donating pencil cases made from recycled plastic bottles to over 200 schools nationwide. Targeting Grade 4 learners, each student will receive a pencil case made from a 500ml recycled PET plastic bottle.


During each donation event, Pick n Pay School Club delivers an engaging educational session highlighting the significance of recycling. The initiative includes distributing informative posters for display in schools, demonstrating the transformative power of recycling, as exemplified by the pencil cases.


“Recycling is pivotal for conserving natural resources, reducing pollution, and combatting climate change. By empowering learners with knowledge about recycling’s benefits, we hope to foster recycling habits that extend into schools, homes and communities,” said Vaughan Pierce, Executive: ESG at Pick n Pay.


This marks the fourth consecutive year of Pick n Pay’s pencil case donations, reaching over 136,000 learners while educating them about responsible recycling practices.


In addition to pencil cases, Pick n Pay teams visiting schools have, in some instances, extended support by donating stationery and food hampers to child-headed households through a collaboration with Feed the Nation Foundation.


Furthermore, 1000 pencil cases have been generously donated to CHOC, aiding their Carebag initiative for newly diagnosed hospital patients. These Carebags contain essential toiletries and engaging activities such as colouring books, crayons, games, and puzzles, bringing comfort and joy to children during their hospital stay

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