31 October 2023 –The Caregiver Learning Through Play (CLTP) programme aims to equip caregivers in South Africa with the skills and knowledge to support early childhood development through responsive care and play. By focusing on interactive and playful learning methods, the programme enhances caregiver-child bonding and promotes holistic development and optimal brain development for children from birth to six years old. This initiative offers practical tools and strategies, often incorporating local customs and traditions, to make learning engaging and culturally relevant.

The programme has been implemented successfully over the past three years by a consortium of Early Childhood Development (ECD) partner organisations including HOPE worldwide South Africa, Ntataise, the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) and Save the Children South Africa.

A ground-breaking collaboration between the Ntataise Championship and the CLTP programme is set to elevate the programme reach and impact across South Africa before the end of 2023.

Elevating ECD through Game-Based Learning

The Ntataise Championship, presented via their Game-Based Learning Digital platform, has earned its reputation as an effective tool to empower ECD practitioners in South Africa. This year, the programme is extending its reach to include families and caregivers directly. The championship comprises of a series of interactive games and challenges. Playing the digital game enables parents and ECD practitioners to learn how to implement Responsive Care and Learning through Play with children between birth and six years old.

This innovative tool fosters a supportive community, facilitates better communication and ensures that caregiving practices are impactful and enjoyable.

The Ntataise Championship is a great way to get involved with the CLTP programme, learn as you play and win amazing prizes. All caregivers, ECD practitioners and parents of young children can participate in the championship. To take part, you need to register on the Ntataise App, available at http://app.ntataise.org. Once you’ve registered on the App, you can join the fun immediately.

The championship starts on 1 November and ends on 30 November.  Don’t miss this chance to explore, play and win exciting prizes!

Why Ntataise Community Networks Matter

The championship gains considerable strategic advantages by tapping into Ntataise community networks. These networks:

  • Boast established credibility, making community engagement more effective.
  • Perfectly aligned with the championship’s target audience, as they already serve parents and caregivers of children aged birth to 6.
  • Understand the unique challenges of South African communities, ensuring cultural sensitivity.
  • Offer avenues for multi-sectoral partnerships, attracting additional resources and expertise.
  • Provide a framework for long-term sustainability through community ownership.
  • Enable real-time feedback, facilitating data-driven improvements.

Last-Mile Strategy for Maximum Reach

Established Ntataise networks ensure the initiative reaches even the most vulnerable and marginalised families. This strategy enhances the initiative’s reach, accelerates its adoption, and underscores its sustainability and cultural relevance.

By merging the strength of both the Ntataise Championship and the CLTP programme, this initiative aims to create a lasting impact in the field of Early Childhood Development in South Africa.

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