The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) funding priority areas for period 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022 have been announced. Applications for the NLC Funding are still open and non-profit entities are urged to apply for funding.

For more information call 08600 65383 or Click here to visit their website


The National Lotteries Commission is the only National Lottery Regulator and License holder in South Africa. The NLC regulates various lotteries including sports pools, society lotteries, raffles and competitions. The NLC monitors and regulates the running of various lottery competitions, including those organised by non-profit organisations to raise funds and by companies to promote their goods and services. They also serves as a Grant Funder, providing registered Non Profit Organisations with funding to establish projects that improve the lives of everyday South Africans.

Their grant funding focuses mainly in areas that require enough support to be able to bring growth and change within impoverished communities. The impact of their grant funding model, is designed in a manner that plays a pertinent role in changing peoples lives. They, as a commission, are guided by a strict mandate, that governs their operations and helms the model of our grant funding.

Funded sectors: 

Who can apply:

Non-profit entities working for the public good are eligible for funding from the National Lotteries Commission.

How to apply: 

Obtain the necessary documents from the NLC or download them from the NLC website. These are:

  • The prescribed application form. This changes from time to time and you must use the form that is current at the time of the call for applications.
  • Guidelines applicable to the current round of applications.
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