Johannesburg, 10 August 2021 -NGOConnectSA receives funding from AVBOB to support RebuildSA donations distribution phase.

The two organisations came together with a shared vision to create social capital (individuals, resources and environment) that empowers organisations and communities to function successfully.

Recently South Africa experienced looting and unrest that resulted in property being damaged and businesses being destroyed leaving individuals unemployed. This eventually resulted in a decline in affordability and food security in some communities. The distribution of donations addresses the issue in 600 families whilst also restoring hope that was lost during the unrest.

We as NGOConnectSA are working with six different community based organisations in six affected communities with donations.


We would like to thank AVBOB for making a generous donation to our organisation. We believe in partnerships such as these for the benefit of our nation.


Issued by NGOConnectSA

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