(Johannesburg) Thursday, 15 July 2021 – NGOConnectSA believes in working together to combat unemployment in South Africa. After the announcement of the high unemployment rate in South Africa, we launched a programme called “ShareAnOpportunity” that works together with organisations that are hiring to publish verified vacancies and restore hope in job seekers by giving them a one stop search for jobs in the development sector.  Recent looting and unrest activities work against the mission of working together to combat unemployment!

According to City Press, in Durban only – 45 000 businesses have been affected, R16 billion in lost stock and damaged infrastructure due to the unrest in South Africa. The unrest leads to increased unemployment, more poverty and food insecurity. We stand against that and stand for a South Africa with NO UNEMPLOYMENT!

As a result, NGOConnectSA supports RebuildSA, a response group with over 41000 members all over South Africa with one mission – to rebuild South Africa. We are in communication with RebuildSA founder and administration team and will be providing the cause with a donations drop off zone for donations from people based in and around Sandton and Gauteng and a temporary office for the administration team.

We urge everyone to work together to #RebuildSA, donate where possible, spread the word and provide the administration team with constructive information.

RebuildSA team accepts donations of food items, cleaning materials and detergents, furniture, transportation, rubble removal services, security services and volunteers. They have created a Facebook group that has all the information and links to specific WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

Should you wish to make any donation to the cause, please visit the group to be directed accordingly. RebuildSA Facebook Group. 

RebuildSA values transparency and wants to ensure that food is collected and distributed in a safe, effective and efficient manner, as a result, a form has been created for those looking to donate food. You will then be contacted and advised of collection time or safe locations for drop off according to your location, click here to access the form.

Official Food Drop Off Point (Gauteng): 

  • NGOConnectSA offices
  • 3rd Floor West Tower
  • Nelson Mandela Square
  • Sandton
  • Gauteng
  • 2196

For access into the office/directions: Call 082 649 3741 or email info@ngoconnectsa.org.

RebuildSA will be issuing more information during the course of the day and week.



Sbonelo Duma

NGOConnectSA Advocacy and Outreach Manager




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