Firstly, we would like to thank AVBOB and RebuildSA for being a part of helping our communities. We are happy to announce and share news on a successful project! We strongly believe in working together to solve South African issues and through our outreach programme serve communities to better peoples lives.

On the 16th of August 2021 we commenced our food pack project distribution phase. The programme is meant to address food insecurity and decreased affordability in communities that were affected by looting and unrest.

Due to our belief in partnerships playing a role in the growth of organisations, we partnered with six different organisations in six different communities in order to reach those who are in need. This was done over a period of three days. The organisations were selected from our NPO Profile database and some identified on social media platforms.

The impact of the project is not only in the lives of the families that received food packs but also individuals who were granted an opportunity to volunteer. They have been given an opportunity to part of something bigger than themselves and some are unemployed so were able to keep their mind busy while doing something fulfilling.

The project was well accepted by the communities which has made us realise that there are numerous individuals and families that appreciate acts of kindness. We also realised that the need for such projects is bigger than we thought. The level of unemployment and hunger in the communities we visited is quite high. A decision was made by our Outreach and Advocacy unit to adopt what was meant to be a once off emergency response programme under the unit. Our first responsibility is to our communities and right now they need our help, hence the decision to continue to implement this project.

The following organisations received donations from the programme:

  1. The Wot If Trust – Diepsloot (registered)
  2. Refilwe Legae Home – Alexandra (registered)
  3. Thuthukani Centre – Ivory Park (registered)
  4. Arise and Shine – Braamfischer (registered)
  5. The Gifted of Givers – Tembisa (not yet registered)
  6. Assemblies of God – Diepkloof (registered)

More information and pictures will be given during the cause of the week and should you want to get in touch with organisations in different communities, please contact our Advocacy and Outreach manager for assistance.

We would like to thank AVBOB for funding the project, RebuildSA for partnering with us and the community for their donations, contributions and support.

NGOConnectSA will be implementing it’s next food pack project in communities affected by looting on the outskirts of Gauteng. For sponsorship enquiries please contact Ms Latty Thlaka at





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