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Liquid Dataport, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, today announced it has partnered with Angola Telecom, to launch a new terrestrial fibre route.

The route, says the company, will connect Luanda to Johannesburg, via the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This comes after Liquid Dataport last month launched its first terrestrial fibre connecting Mombasa to Johannesburg.

The latest terrestrial fibre route, it states, adds to the already-existing 110 000km regional network, promising to boost regional customers’ access to high-speed connectivity.

Additionally, it aligns with its broader vision of establishing an extensive network of fibre routes throughout Africa.

Mário Oliveira, Angolan minister of telecommunications, information technologies and social communication, says: “We have made significant investments in our telecommunications sector over the last 25 years, which includes terrestrial, submarine and even satellite connectivity.

“We understand the crucial role played by public-private partnerships, and that is why we have new laws in place that support and offer attractive incentives for international players like Liquid Dataport that help drive our national focus towards the IT-driven modernisation of Angola.

“The partnership between Angola Telecom and Liquid Dataport has also allowed us to enjoy seamless connectivity with other countries in COMESA [Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa] and South Africa, supporting long-term growth in our economies.”

According to Liquid Dataport, the route passes through Angola, the DRC, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.

While the route caters to the high demand from wholesale customers, it will also provide enterprises and SMEs with access to high-speed connectivity and direct connectivity to data centres in Johannesburg, it states.

Adilson Dos Santos, CEO of Angola Telecom, adds: “There is a conscious drive towards making the internet more popular, as currently, the internet penetration in Angola is only five million people.

“Angola Telecom and Liquid Dataport have been able to work seamlessly for over two years with each other as we are working towards a common goal.

“Through our National Rural Telecommunication Plan, we want to ensure connectivity is available to citizens in the remotest parts of the country. We are excited to see the fruits of this partnership lead to increased contribution of the ICT sector to national GDP.”


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