An exciting initiative is about to kick off in Alexandra Township as the sport of dodgeball is introduced for the first time as a fun and engaging activity for the local youth by the SA Dodgeball Federation, in collaboration with Khulisa Social Solutions

 The pilot project, set to launch on Saturday the 5th August 2023  aims to provide a thrilling, positive, and safe environment for  Alexandra young people in the area.

 This initiative is part of a larger effort to promote healthy living, teamwork, and community engagement amongst the youth of Alexandra. It is anticipated that the dodgeball project will, in time, provide a fun alternative to more traditional sports, and offers a platform for young people to get involved in team-based activities, fostering a sense of community spirit and camaraderie.

 “We are thrilled to introduce the sport of dodgeball to the youth of Alexandra,” says Africa Monyai. “We believe in the power of sport to bring communities together, and we’re confident that this dodgeball pilot project will encourage participation, promote fitness, and provide a fun and safe space for our youth to engage and interact.”

 The dodgeball introductory session will be held at Thusong Youth Center starting from 14:00 on the 5th August 2023. Participants will, through experienced coaches from the Association, be exposed to the sport, participate in some basic exercises, and establishment of Alex township team tournaments. All necessary equipment will be provided by the Federation.

 The pilot project and its success will be evaluated based on participation rates, feedback from participants, and its overall impact on the community.

Source: Social-tv

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