The National Lotteries Commission(NLC) officially opened their call for applications for funding financial year 2022/23 on 1 April 2022. They continue to fund worthy causes in the four different focus areas. The focus areas include Charities; Arts, Culture and National Heritage; Sports and Recreation and Miscellaneous.

Non-profit entities working for the public good are eligible for funding from the National Lotteries Commission.  This covers a wide range of organisations including:

  • Non-profit organisations (NPOs)
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Section 21 companies
  • Public benefit trusts
  • Sporting bodies and sports clubs
  • Educational institutions
  • Recreational clubs; and
  • Cultural bodies
Eligible organisations range from national structures right down to small community groups. They not only welcome applications from small organisations, but actively encourage them. The funding is open to organisations in all nine South African Provinces.

For the second financial year, the NLC has appointed grant funding management agents to assist organisations in applying for funding. NGOConnectSA is one of the approved grant funding management agents, here to assist organisations in applying for funding from the NLC.

For more information regarding the funding complete our contact page for a call back or send an email to


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