In a remarkable display of commitment to education and community engagement, MiWay Insurance celebrated the exceptional achievements of young scholars at Moletsane Secondary School during a recent awards ceremony. The event not only recognized the outstanding academic performance of top achievers but also underscored MiWay’s steadfast support for the Leaders in the Making mentorship program, which seeks to inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Underpinning this momentous occasion were MiWay’s deep-rooted values of fostering growth and creating lasting connections within the community. The awards ceremony, held each term, celebrated the accomplishments of 25 top achievers across various grades at Moletsane Secondary School. Since its initiation last year, this endeavor has honored 125 accomplished students, encouraging a culture of excellence and dedication.

Further expanding their reach, MiWay also extended their support to Maphutha Secondary School, where the awards commend the top 10 performers per grade. While MiWay has celebrated over 60 promising learners at Maphutha Secondary School this year, the dedication to recognizing and nurturing talent remains unchanged.

“We believe that by acknowledging and celebrating academic achievements, we motivate students to strive for greatness and inspire their peers to reach new heights,” said Betty Dube, the Executive Head for Marketing and Brand at MiWay Insurance. “Our awards ceremonies not only shine a spotlight on exceptional scholars but also serves as a stepping stone for those who are part of our Leaders in the Making mentorship program.”

At the heart of MiWay’s support is a holistic approach that extends beyond traditional recognition. The awards include certificates, top achiever badges, and refreshments, all aimed at encouraging students’ pursuit of excellence. Additionally, this year’s top achievers received a special bonus – complimentary access to the innovative Spongein learning platform. This gesture reflects MiWay’s commitment to empowering students with a comprehensive toolkit for success.

The significance of these awards goes beyond accolades. They provide a platform for identifying future participants in the Leaders in the Making mentorship program, a transformative initiative that nurtures leadership qualities and prepares students for the challenges of the future. For the graduating class, the awards also serve as a means of identifying potential candidates for bursaries and tertiary support, opening doors to higher education and promising career paths.

“It’s heartening to witness the positive impact of our involvement in the awards. The increased healthy competition among students is palpable, and we’ve noticed a dynamic shift in the celebrants over time,” added Otsile Nchingane, Head: Parent and Educator Engagement at Spongein. “This event is more than just an awards ceremony; it’s a catalyst for change, fostering a culture of academic excellence and encouraging students to reach their full potential.”

The ceremony not only showcased MiWay’s commitment to education but also highlighted their strong partnership with Spongein, a strategic ally in the journey toward community empowerment. With Spongein’s innovative e-learning platform, MiWay extends its support beyond the physical event, providing students with a cutting-edge tool for comprehensive learning.

As MiWay continues to champion education and community engagement, the awards ceremony stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to building a brighter future for South Africa’s youth. By celebrating academic accomplishments and nurturing potential, MiWay’s vision resonates with the aspirations of young scholars, empowering them to become leaders who drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

Source: Social-tv

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