Mangosuthu University of Technology continues to strengthen its academic position by revising its existing academic programmes on a regular basis, as required by the government and other regulating bodies, and also by adding new programmes that are designed to respond to socio-economic needs, and also to affirm the Institution as a centre of excellence.

The University added an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The qualification provides students with a sound knowledge base in Mechanical Engineering in response to the needs of the community, as well as local, regional and national industry by producing competent graduates. It closes the gaps and disparities in students’ educational and life experience so that they can be better equipped to contribute to the economy. It also provides students with broad educational and life skills, including Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering subject specific knowledge.

Explaining the purpose of the programme, the Head of the Department, Dr Jean Gad Mukuna, said the programme was intended for Mechanical Engineering practitioners who, on achieving this qualification, would be able to apply management, analytical and practical engineering techniques and knowledge to conduct operations, and solve problems in a mechanical engineering working environment in the areas of design, manufacturing, maintenance, environmental engineering and automation and control.

The Advanced Diploma programme in Mechanical Engineering requires a completion of national diploma, or diploma in the same field. Dr Mukuna said the programme is designed in such a manner as to offer a pathway to horizontal and vertical articulation possibilities within the HEQSF.

“For horizontal articulation, the qualification will provide access to enter relevant cognate programmes at NQF level 7, such as the B Eng Tech. With this qualification, graduates could articulate vertically to other related programmes, such as the Post graduate diploma or Honor’s programme.

“The Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is aligned with ECSA’s (Engineering Council of South Africa) prescribed standards; the graduate must be able to demonstrate competence in the Graduate Attributes (GAs) 1 to 11 described in ECSA document: E-05-PT REVISION 4 of 05 November 2019,” said Dr Mukuna.

Dr Mukuna further said that the need for the programme arose from “the growing complexity and evolving demands of the field. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, professionals in Mechanical Engineering must acquire specialised knowledge and skills to address emerging challenges, and contribute to innovative solutions”.

Dr Mukuna also said that the programme would meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry by providing specialised expertise, career advancement opportunities, industry relevance, practical skills development, expanded career prospects, networking opportunities, and personal and professional growth. According to Dr Mukuna, the programme equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the field of Mechanical Engineering and contribute to technological advancements and societal progress.

The programme, which will be offered from 2024, is at the NQF Level 7, and has 144 SAQA credits. The minimum duration for a full time study period is one year; if studied on a part time basis, it will be two years. The mode of delivery is contact. “While students are mostly tutored separately in small groups, they undertake their studies and lectures as integral members of the Advanced Diploma student group,” said Dr Mukuna.

Admission Requirements

The admission to the programme is subject to the MUT’s general academic admission rules and the specific requirements of the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, students must be in possession of:

  • National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (NQF Level 6)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (NQF Level 6)
  • An appropriate National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering equivalent to NQF Level 6
  • A cognate qualification in mechanical engineering equivalent to NQF level 6 – foreign qualifications approved by SAQA

The department is already accepting applications for the academic year 2024.

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