Ever attended a virtual conference where an organisation with numerous followers and previous in-person conferences with over hundreds of delegates now has about less than half of its delegates as viewers? That is because our live streams and virtual conferences need work as they are not exactly doing well in South Africa.

Not only is this article written because of the number of people who attend virtually but also the technicians in charge or recording, editing and airing. Conferences and Streams are not available on time and viewers experience a lot of technical problems. People leave conferences in large numbers before the end.

The other issue South Africans have is the issue of internet. Not only is internet affected by affordability but also our current load shedding issues as a nation.

The issues mentioned above highlight our awareness of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As a nation, we need to take the digital era more serious in order for our businesses and organisations to continue working and thriving.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in-person conferences to a halt. We have businesses, people and organisations waiting for restrictions to ease up in order for them to go back to the way life was. In as much as researchers do say that life will go back to the way it was pre-COVID, we need to realise that the 4th Industrial Revolution is here. We need to familiarise ourselves with the digital era in order to grow as a nation because certain things have been lost to the era and might not work post the pandemic.

Transformation and Education about the digital era is crucial.

Photo Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter


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