Embarking on a mission of hope and transformation, Liberty has once again embraced a worthy cause and has partnered with Reach For A Dream to champion the dreams of children bravely facing life-threatening diseases in South Africa.

With an initial pledge of R250,000, Liberty extends not only its philanthropic hand but also beckons its financial advisers to become compassionate dream weavers. This heartfelt initiative is part of Liberty’s annual Challenge campaign, a sales peak window, and a tradition deeply rooted in supporting commendable causes that make a real difference.

Over the next ten weeks, these advisers will transcend their roles, becoming architects of dreams and vessels of hope. With each Liberty insurance product sold, a portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to Reach For A Dream, illuminating the path to brighter tomorrows for these young warriors.

Liberty’s unwavering dedication to aligning with impactful organisations each year is a testament to its commitment to address South Africa’s most pressing challenges. It signifies a profound connection with their clients and the broader community, epitomising the essence of being “in it” together. Reach For A Dream, with its heartwarming mission to breathe life into dreams, particularly for children with life-threatening illness, is the chosen beneficiary this year.

“Reach For A Dream has been a beacon of joy and solace for countless children, particularly here in South Africa, where many of these resilient youngsters hail from disadvantaged circumstances. We take immense pride in playing our part in nurturing the flames of hope,” said Johan Minnie, Liberty’s Sales Director.

Last year, Liberty forged a partnership with SA Harvest, raising a staggering R270,000, which translated into 136,000 meals for vulnerable communities. This achievement not only exceeded the initial target fourfold but also provided a clear purpose for the year’s mission – to nourish even more young souls in South Africa’s marginalised neighbourhoods throughout 2022.

In the same year, Liberty disbursed a remarkable R6.98 billion in claims, predominantly stemming from its flagship Lifestyle Protector product and other retail life insurance policies. The majority of these payouts were lifelines for individuals battling critical illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

“These payouts often serve as the lifelines that enable individuals to continue to chase their dreams without compromise. It’s about living a complete life, a sentiment that beautifully aligns with Reach For A Dream’s mission to reignite hope for children grappling with severe medical conditions,” adds Minnie.

“Through this heartwarming program, our aim goes beyond merely providing phones, iPads, computers, or watches. We aspire to come together and fulfil as many wishes as humanly possible: from dance classes to moments with firefighters; from perfect birthday parties to encounters with heroes and celebrities. These are the dreams we are committed to turning into cherished realities,” said Minnie.

Source social-tv: https://social-tv.co.za/liberty-partners-with-reach-for-a-dream-to-fulfil-dreams-and-bring-hope-to-children-in-south-africa/

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