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Entrepreneurship is a big part of South Africa’s business culture. Taking a dream or vision and turning it into a reality, into a product or a service of value to the public requires boldness. South Africa has no shortage of that with small and medium enterprises making their mark in the country’s economy.

Two SME’s business initiatives have helped to see growth in townships over the years and development in communities. One of Kena Outdoor’s core values is supporting small businesses while also identifying ways that we can fortify our existing relationships. We look for ways to add value to our offerings to clients in our diverse portfolio which spans various industries. There is something special, we feel in a business partnership that brings communities together, where businesses can be vessels for growth for other entrepreneurs and the communities they serve.

It was with this in mind that Kena Outdoor recently put its resources and support as a “value-add”, which means at no cost to the client, behind two campaigns. There are special cases that inspire this and often for our long-standing clients
This time around it was for an attempt at a world record by award-winning artists Major League and one of Gauteng’s largest food festivals, Cook-Out Sundays.

Major League’s 75-hour djing challenge

Major League has not only taken South Africa by storm but the international music scene too. The Amapiano brothers have been touring the globe for months and when they wanted to return home to attempt a world record, which was performing non-stop for 75 hours for their homegrown audience, they reached out to Kena Outdoor.

Not only was it an ambitious target, we knew it would take some of our best resources to get the message across – Major League was attempting to make musical history. Toward this end, we made use of all our digital billboards as well as our static billboards in high-traffic and iconic sites between Johannesburg and Pretoria for more than a month.

Amapiano burst on to the local music scene around 2012 and has become one of South Africa’s most popular musical exports to the world. As the twins continue to make their mark on the world, back home we are reminded that ours is a partnership built on trust and many years of dedicated service. As Kena Outdoor, a business built on dynamism and constantly pushing the envelope, it is exciting to be at the forefront of connecting this much-loved duo with their home audience, through outdoor media.

Kena Outdoor has become an formidable force in the industry in part due to how we nurture our clients and are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep growing, innovating and delivering impactful campaigns that draw the public in, whatever the industry. A recent example of that was an event that brought together food and music lovers from across South Africa.

Cookout Sundays: A taste treat that hit the right note with the crowd

If there was ever a place where the public could enjoy a culinary tour of some of South Africa’s flavours and homegrown music, this was it. The event attracted small retailers from across South Africa and created an opportunity not just for vendors to interact and share creative ideas on their businesses but offered a delightful range of local cuisine to the public, conveniently, in one place – Reitvlei farm in the south of Johannesburg.

This is a client we have worked with for a number of years and like many small businesses, they were adversely affected by lockdown restrictions at the height of the covid pandemic when large social gatherings were disallowed. This event became one of their largest festivals in recent times following that period. We used digital billboards, for the cookout campaign with lasted three months and ended on October 2nd, the day of the event. The sustained duration of the campaign helped to create excitement for the public and keep them informed about the upcoming food and music showcase.

Describing the event, one of Cookout Sunday’s co-founder, Itumeleng ‘Tumi’ Mokwena said: “The turnout was greater this year and included a fair amount of new faces and new demographic,”

“The post-lockdown excitement from people at being able to join large gatherings again together and how the campaign was delivered, made the Cookout a huge success. I can safely say the campaign was positive and well-received,” he added.


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