Have you ever caught yourself standing on the street screaming at your phone: “How much for a ride?! Are you kidding me?!”

Your phone has no soul and zero empathy. It doesn’t care what price your taxi app displays. You know this and yet here you are…yelling.

Enter, ‘Better deal with real people,’ the inaugural international campaign from ride-hailing service, InDrive, which highlights this universal frustration and offers a remedy.

Produced by creative agency Talent, the spots, which are launching in 31 territories and 19 languages, feature multiple funny stories of passengers enraged by the fares they are quoted before being encouraged to download inDrive.

Denis Lapshinov, creative director and founder of Talent says, “The key challenge was to find an insight that pretty much clicked with the whole world. When our research determined everyone had yelled at their phone at least once in their life, regardless of their age, nationality or residence, we knew we’d found a winning way to communicate InDrive’s message globally. InDrive wants to put a stop to the unfairness around the faceless ride-hailing sector by proposing the ultimate alternative – the ability to deal with real people.”

Anna Migaleva, creative director of Talent adds, “The rise of technology was supposed to bring comfort to people’s lives, yet somehow we ended up controlled by it. Do we really want to be told what rides are supposed to cost, or should we take back control and start talking with one another? Ponder this question while you watch these ads.”

The campaign, which includes TV, OLV, OOH and social media, is currently running in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Australia and Kazakhstan, with more to follow.

The commercials are directed by Sebastian Schor, who previously helmed Spotify’s popular Premium Duo puppet ads.

Source : https://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/12/233764.html

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