At Signa Group we have identified that in order for our economy to improve we have to find ways to increase the country’s employment rate by developing viable job creation solutions. In order to do so, we need to recognise the need and address the issue with unwavering determination.

However, such an impact cannot be achieved alone or by one company. It will take a collective effort from businesses and individuals. For this reason, Signa Group founder and director, Janine Piper, launched the Power of One initiative. Through their actions, whether it is sponsoring someone’s learning development, spreading the awareness of social concern or furthering their skills to better their communities, their stories reveal how one person can impact another and empower them. Signa Group hopes to inspire every person they meet with the Power of One.

Power of One is a principle that the beginning of impact originates with ONE. It is based on the story of man who saves beached starfish by throwing them, one by one, into the ocean. Each one thrown back was saved, even though he knew not all of the beach can be saved. Power of One means actively making a difference and it promotes the impact that both individuals and businesses can have through their actions.

In other words, through one person, one passion, and one team, we can encourage every individual or business owner to make a difference in the life of another. When this one person is empowered, they can, in turn, make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life. In this way, the impact of the Power of One will be exponential.

Piper has elaborated on the reasons behind launching Power of One. “As an entrepreneur, I believe in the potential of South Africa and its people. I also believe that every person should be empowered with and share in the right of human dignity. By focusing on the mission to create sustainable jobs for all South Africans, businesses and individuals, can partner with Signa and with each other to implement meaningful employment solutions through Power of One. As a result, we can create a viable economy and a generation ready for the working future.”

Signa Group strives to make a contribution to all the industries we are involved in, as well as the many welfare, empowerment and development projects that are already being delivered by a large South African community. Our goal is to facilitate effective job creation and deliver training solutions that result in employment or entrepreneurial self-employment.

Each Signa initiative works towards making a positive impact in South Africa and preparing the emerging generations for the working future. Every person impacted has a ripple effect in their communities.

Now two years down the line, the message of the Power of One has travelled across South Africa and has already left its mark on a multitude of people. Our senior marketing specialist, Aliza Visagie, has said on the progress of Power of One, “We have taken Janine’s vision and strategically positioned the Power of One brand to have a lasting impression on all who encounter it. By being part of a passionate and innovative team, we have created a driving force that encourages people and businesses to actively strive for change and become ambassadors of Power of One.”

For a ‘feel-good’ moment, read our inspiring ‘Power of One’ stories of individuals and companies that have participated in this initiative:


Source: BizCommunity

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