Standard Bank presents Investing in the Future: Acting Now and Acting Well – a podcast series dedicated to unpacking the current state of ESG in South Africa. 702’s Arabile Gumede will host expert guests to discuss the shifts needed to make a fundamental change that can achieve a resilient and regenerative economy.

In this episode, Gumede is joined by Jonathan Lamb, Head of Platform Businesses for CIB Digital at Standard Bank Group alongside Ben Britz, Transaction Capital’s Executive of Solution Strategy, and Gur Geva, Founder and Chief Executive at iiDENTIFii. The group’s discussion unpacks the partnership between the three companies using the platform business model and how this method is good for future businesses.

Giant companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Uber have built their empires by using what’s called the platform business model. It’s a way for companies to collaborate and facilitate their combined services to achieve shared values. This business model is often assumed to be a technological infrastructure – this might be due to the success of major tech companies like Google and Apple – but this is not the case.

Many businesses can adopt the platform business model if their desired outcome makes sense for each participant.

Available on Standard Bank’s OneHub, AUTHENTIFI is a simple customer verification solution that also eliminates the need to integrate new technology into your business and iiDENTIFii is a facial or biometric identity management capability that uses ‘selfies’ as proof of identity .

Lamb, along with the other collaborators agree that the platform business model has helped each company grow together and fulfill a customer need that couldn’t have been done otherwise.

We know and trust this tech, we’ve used it ourselves. We have grown it… And we’re going to continue to grow it with our needs and our market. There’s a massive benefit we’ve seen through this platform-based business model, that we’re now driving, to serve our clients who’ve got the exact same problem.

Jonathan Lamb, Executive: Head of Platform Businesses for CIB Digital at Standard Bank Group

Bringing them together into a single place where we can serve our clients with these new composite propositions, that’s our real, new, exciting journey that we’re going on.

Jonathan Lamb, Executive: Head of Platform Businesses for CIB Digital at Standard Bank Group

Britz mentions that he noticed how more businesses are slowly shifting their mindsets to welcome this kind of collaboration to achieve a greater goal, as opposed to only viewing them as competition.

It can’t just be some of us moving towards this future, we have to be all in. For more information visit Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking.


Source: 702

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