On 9 August, South Africa honours our powerful women, celebrating Women’s Day. The date commemorates the 1956 protest march by over 20,000 women of all races to the Union Buildings to protest the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950.
Hot Cares is Hot 102.7FM’s charity initiative and has partnered with the Palesa Pads Foundation’s Women’s Day Bucket Challenge initiative to provide much needed menstrual pads for young women in disadvantaged communities with the ultimate objective being to #KeepAGirlChildinSchool. “Education is the most empowering force in the world, and it is extremely unfortunate that many young girls of a school going age are disadvantaged by their menstruation,” says Carmen Rocha, Hot Cares manager. “These young girls are often forced to miss school, incur a financial burden, face health risks and suffer social embarrassment, all of which hampers their education and thus their future prospects.” The Palesa Foundation’s Bucket Challenge aims to provide 20,000 school girls with Flo Kits – a bucket containing an assortment of reusable cloth pads and cleaning agents this Women’s Month. These pads should last each girl up to five years.

Palesa Pads has identified the issue of menstruation as one of powerful social, health, educational and environmental significance. (It must be noted here that the disposal of disposable sanitary pads has a substantial impact on the environment with these ending up in landfills.) Through CSI funding, the Palesa Pads Foundation, a non-profit company supplies reusable cloth sanitary pads to schools in disadvantaged areas and is a driver of the #KeepAGirlChildinSchool initiative. In this Women’s Month, Hot Cares will focus on accessing the CSI budgets that exist within corporates and channelling them through Palesa to address this important social issue. Once funds are secured, Palesa handles the logistics of distribution at schools, along with securing all the video and picture assets of the events that is then sent to the donor client. Corporates making donations to Hot Cares will receive Section 18A certificates which is tax deductible in terms of the SARS Income Tax Act.

Through Hot Cares, HotT 102.7 will highlight the #KeepAGirlChildinSchool initiative throughout Women’s Month and encourage corporates to engage with Hot Cares to sponsor the donation of Palesa Pads buckets to young women in disadvantaged communities.

“No young woman should have to miss out on education opportunities due to menstruation,” says Lloyd Madurai, managing director of Hot 102.7FM. “We’re proud of being able to contribute to this initiative and to make a contribution to #KeepAGirlChildinSchool. SA has a legacy of strong women, and in Women’s Month, we want to ensure that we encourage, support and empower our women and create opportunities for them to continue to learn without unnecessary disruptions. After all, education is a building block towards overcoming poverty.”

For more details on how you can make a contribution to this worthy initiative, stay tuned to Hot 102.7FM or email az.oc.seractoh@ofni.

Source: BizCommunity
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