Johannesburg, South Africa: HOPE worldwide SA and its CLTP partners joins the global movement in celebrating the very first International Day of Play on June 11th! This momentous occasion recognizes the fundamental importance of play in a child’s development, beyond mere recreation. Play is a powerful engine for learning, fostering creativity, resilience, and social skills in children of all ages.

“The United Nations recognizing play as a right for every child is a significant victory,” says Dr Marc Aguirre, Country Director from HOPE worldwide SA. “At HOPE worldwide SA, we’ve long championed the power of play in early childhood development (ECD). Through our ‘Caregiver Learning Through Play’ (CLTP) consortium, in partnership with Save the Children SA, ELRU and Ntataise, and funded through the LEGO foundation, we’ve empowered over 320,000 parents and caregivers across South Africa to use play as a tool for learning.”

The free, online CLTP program, accessible with no data costs, provides caregivers with practical tools and strategies to integrate play into daily routines. Over a thousand participants have already completed the course, with new registrations pouring in every week.

“The positive impact of CLTP is undeniable,” says Dr Aguirre “We see caregivers transforming into confident play facilitators, fostering a love of learning in their children.”


Join the Play Movement!

This International Day of Play, let’s celebrate the joy and power of play! Here’s how you can join the movement:

  • Enroll in the free CLTP program: Equip yourself to guide playful learning experiences for the children in your care.
  • Make time for play: Set aside dedicated time each day for unstructured, child-led play.
  • Advocate for play: Share the importance of play with friends, family, and communities.

Let’s work together to make play a priority, every day!

About HOPE worldwide SA:

HOPE worldwide SA is a national ECD non-profit organization committed to empowering children and their caregivers through innovative programs and resources.


Picture courtesy: Pexels

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