Despite the positive impact on its students, Milkwood’s financial sustainability is at risk. The school’s inclusive fee structure, designed to accommodate families of all economic backgrounds, has led to financial shortfalls. “Our goal is to enable children with special needs to live meaningful lives within their communities,” Marais says, emphasizing the need for support to keep this haven for learning alive.


Since the launch of the BackaBuddy campaign, 13 donors have come together to raise R15,500 towards Milkwood’s fundraising target of R60 000 to address their immediate financial needs, including rent and daily operational costs


“As the deadline approaches, the story of Milkwood Learning Academy and its fight for survival serves as a testament to the impact of community support and the difference it can make in the lives of children with special needs, who are the most vulnerable among us.” – says Bernelie Barwise ( Social Media Manager at BackaBuddy.)


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