Social development MEC Sharna Fernandez on Wednesday said the number of GBV cases being referred to them from the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC) was a serious cause for concern.

More than half of the 401 recorded cases were for physical violence. Sixty cases of emotional abuse, 35 cases of verbal abuse or intimidation, 33 cases of child neglect and 21 cases of rape or corrective rape were opened on the GBVCC Information System.

The department noted that they also received referrals for GBV cases from the SAPS, Thuthuzela Centres, the NGO sector and walk-ins to DSD local offices, which were not represented in the totals.

Fernandez said despite the best efforts of the Western Cape Government as well as civil society organizations to address crime and violence, these remain challenges that impact all residents’ well-being. The impacts, which can be physical, emotional, social and economic, are experienced not only by the victims themselves but by their families and communities.

Gender Based Violence Command Centre Statistics for the Western Cape
Incident Type Number of Tickets
Abandoned Children 0
Assault 24
Bullying 1
Child Neglect 33
Elderly Neglect 7
Child Pornography 1
Emotional Abuse 60
Indecent Assault 2
Human Trafficking 1
Molestation 2
Physical Violence 207
Rape/Corrective Rape 21
Sexual Harassment 4
Stalking 3
Verbal Abuse Or Intimidation 35
Total number of cases 401

“While you have to consider your own personal safety, the culture of turning a blind eye to abuse happening in our midst must stop. As community members, we all have a role to play to support victims of crime and violence. We can contact the police or even take the victim to the police station to get help. Your intervention could save a life,” said Fernandez.

Where to go for Help?

  • Gender-Based Violence Command Centre: Call 0800 428 428 or dial *120*7867#
  • National Shelter Movement (24-hour line): 0800 001 005
  • Police: 10111
  • The Human Trafficking Resource Line: 0800 222 777
  • Department of Social Development Toll-Free line: 0800 220 250
  • Department of Social Development Email:
  • SASSA 0800 60 10 11
  • Childline: 116

Source: IOL

Picture Courtesy: News24

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