By: Mpofu Sthandile.

Every year, on 18 July, South Africans have the chance to make a positive impact in their communities, by giving 67 minutes of their time to honour the extraordinary life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

The call to action for Nelson Mandela International Day 2023 is “Climate, Food & Solidarity” and reflects some of the most urgent challenges facing people worldwide. This year’s focus includes dismantling poverty and inequality by taking action against climate change and creating resilient food environments.

Embrace the spirit of Mandela by engaging in activities that uplift and support others. With that said, here are five inspiring activities you can do this Mandela Day:

1. Pack food parcels

Spend 67 minutes sorting and packing food groceries, as part of leading food redistribution non-profit FoodForward SA’s national food drive. To get involved, you simply need to book your slot through Webtickets and select the session you’d like to participate in. The event takes place at their Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban warehouses. Alternatively, you can make a monetary contribution of R67 with SnapScan.

By supporting this FFSA initiative, you will help combat hunger and make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable communities across the country.

2. Collect and distribute children’s books

Education is an incredible tool for empowerment. In fact, Mandela put it best when he said, “education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”.

In celebration of Mandela Day, organise a book drive in your community to collect children’s books. Then partner with local schools, libraries, or organisations that work with underprivileged children to ensure that these books reach those who need them most. You have the power to inspire a love for reading and to provide educational resources for young minds.

3. Donate clothes, furniture, appliances, and toiletries

Many South African individuals and families struggle to meet their basic needs. In fact, according to the latest Debt Rescue Survey, as much as 88% of people can’t afford even basic goods or services.

To make a meaningful impact, gather items such as clothes, furniture, appliances, and new toiletries, and donate them to organisations that distribute to those in need. By offering these essential items, you can help improve the lives of those facing challenging circumstances.

4. Provide a bed for someone

This Mandela Day, consider making a difference by purchasing a bed for someone in need, by collaborating with local shelters or organisations that support individuals experiencing homelessness.

A good night’s sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being. Without it, people increase their risk of many diseases and disorders, ranging from heart disease and stroke and dementia. However, countless individuals lack a comfortable place to rest, play your part and ensure that a good night’s sleep becomes a reality for those who need it most.

5. Take the Global Citizen Mandela Day Champion Challenge

The Global Citizen Mandela Day Champion Challenge is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to social change. Engage in acts of kindness, pledge to be a food champion, clean up your neighbourhood, and encourage others to join the movement.

By participating in this seven-day challenge, you can help raise awareness and inspire others to take action for a more equitable and just world.


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