FOCUS AREA: Restoration, Skill Development and Empowerment


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Fisherman’s Valley is a Non-Profit company (no:2015/358798/08) based in Honeydew Johannesburg. We are primary a multi-cultural place of restoration and upliftment with Christian values.

We have established this work over the last 17 years having many people from different towns and cities, come through to experience restoration and wholeness for their lives.

People come from different cultures and backgrounds to deal with their challenges by attending our various weekend camps and programs, which are mostly free of charge. Because we are not a Rehab or a Homeless Shelter, our facilities are meant to accommodate those who attend our courses/ programs on a short-term basis.



In order to overcome the present difficulties that many are facing in society; our aim is to bring about much needed, hope and healing to broken individuals. Through our practical Restoration programs; marriages are restored, good parenting and values in the home are encouraged and lives are changed.

In the same manner, we offer skills training which develops confidence, dignity and self-esteem for all those who participate.




People who come to our premises are effectively help to deal with life challenges such as:

  • REJECTION: Parental, Spousal, Relational etc.
  • ABUSE: Emotional, Sexual, Financial, Mental, Physical (Domestic Violence) etc.
  • TRAUMA: Fear, Grief, Suicidal Thoughts, Depression etc.
  • ANGER: Lawlessness Bitterness and Unforgiveness, Disunity etc.



We are well aware that drugs, gang violence, alcohol, promiscuity, satanism, and bullying are very prevalent in our schools, and the situation is not improving.

Contributing factors are:

Breakdown of the family structure, rejection, abuse, lack of nurturing, lack of parental guidance and support, and most of all – lack of love!

As a result schools are struggling to cope with wild unruly children, and there seems to be little hope for the future of our young people.

We are presently setting up programs to mentor our fatherless and hurting youth. We will be dealing with their emotional baggage (above) as well as training them through hands-on experience in clay(cob) building, organic agriculture, sewing and creative arts etc.



We care about our community. There are hundreds of Townhouse Complexes and Flats around us with tiny gardens or no gardens at all. This often results in broken relationships and stress, and as we know – lack of sunshine and exercise can be serious health hazard.

We are in the process of developing a beautiful Health Park for the community to enjoy. Our riverside park will consist mostly of indigenous plants and trees. This will include picnic spots by the river, a natural children’s adventure playground, a recreation area with a volley ball court and lawn chess, a prayer garden, a braai area and a running/walking trail as well as a dam stocked with Tilapia fish.

We also want to encourage schools to come and teach their learners to understand the importance of protecting our fragile environment (indigenous plants and trees, wetlands, wildlife etc) Bird clubs and environmentalists will be invited to get involved.

Under-privileged children, disabled and pensioners will enjoy special days here.



Restoration should be practical! We realize that so many people in our country don’t have the opportunity or finances to learn a skill, and so they struggle to make a living to support their families. The training that we offer will help to create job opportunities.



Most of our trainees are sourced from nearby informal settlements and townships such as Zandspruit, Cosmo City and Diepsloot.

In order to achieve our goal to help the under-privileged; we offer the following services:


  • SEWING INITIATIVE – With the sewing equipment we possess [such domestic sewing machines, cutting tables etc.. People can be trained to sew, which will assist them to start small home projects for extra income.


  • COB BUILDING PROJECT: We have been fortunate enough to have plenty of good clay on our property, which is easily accessible. Realizing that building and making articles with natural clay is part of our African heritage; we have recently started an exciting project where we are making small portable clay stoves as well as other practical items. Because in these difficult times people don’t always have the resources to obtain electricity, paraffin or gas to cook their meals, we came up with resourceful alternative. Our little stoves can provide fire for cooking with just a few sticks or some cardboard. Our clay project will also supply job opportunities, as we intend to train others to make these useful items using this natural material.


  • AGRICULTURE VENTURE: We have about a hectare of prepared ground with borehole water, on which we will grow organic vegetables. We have a greenhouse for our seedings, and some raised beds. We are going to start planting in spring. We hope to train young enthusiasts to grow and sell the produce, and intend to set up a fresh produce market in our park on Saturday mornings. Livestock:  We are keeping free-range chickens which have been supplying us with eggs and we are looking forward to increasing our flock. We are busy growing feed for them in grazing camps within the coop.


From 2014 – 2019 our registration forms show that we have had over 11,000 attendees come through our gates to seek help and restoration.

We are very grateful for the privilege of serving those communities in need of our service.

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