Whether it is creating a website, enhancing customer engagement, or selling products and services on an e-commerce platform, digitisation has become an essential part of a business’ growth.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has become more of a need in order for businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

As more consumers purchase their goods and services online, it is important for small and medium businesses to have the necessary tools that will enable them to gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing digital world. Yep! is here to help businesses enhance their digital presence, increase visibility and improve engagement with customers and here’s how;

Yep! Website Builder

The website builder solution helps businesses to create an online presence, reach new customers and successfully run through digital means. The website builder offering includes a domain which means an SME can use an existing domain or new domain name to set up their website.

Through partnering with Yep! businesses are able to manage their own website and engage with customers using convenient conversation tools. By using the Yep! website builder businesses can also access CRM tools that will help them to successfully market products online.

In the post-pandemic economy, it is crucial for an SME’s products to be accessible beyond the physical location. That is why Yep! offers e-commerce functionalities such as shopping carts and digital payment options.

As part of its website builder offering Yep! has also set up a support team that is always ready to assist. Businesses can access these integrated solutions from as little as R99 per month for the All-In-One Web Basic which includes a web domain, hosting and security (certificates), site design and build, including a blog, lead capture with “Call Now” and online booking as well as maintenance and support.

Yep! All-In-One Lead Generation solution

The Yep! Lead Generation solution allows SMEs to access technology-driven performance marketing services that use data science and analytics to drive more engagement including online banners and digital ads. Through its partnerships with Google and Facebook, Yep! helps businesses to enhance online presence and be seen by potential customers on the web.

As part of the Yep! Lead Generation offerings businesses can gain access to as much as 38-million South African internet users, pay only for clicks and deliver targeted ads online for as little as R700 per month.

Yep! All-in-One calendar, inbox, and dashboard

Through Yep! SMEs are able to not only market their business but increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations using digital solutions. The All-in-One Calendar allows the business to manage daily activities. To make communication with customers more convenient, Yep! offers the All-One Inbox which is a unique chat-like channel for all communications and interactions between the business and its customers, leads and prospects.

The All-in-One inbox includes an AI driven notification system which allows businesses to easily provide customer support. Through the Yep! All-in One Dashboard, SMEs can keep track of upcoming appointments, sales, revenue, traffic statistics, marketing-campaign performance, and social media activity.

Executive Marketing

Yep | SMB | Financial Service businesses, Innocent Pereira says “Covid-19 has had a significant impact particularly on the small and medium businesses and it is clear that SMEs require access to market. That is what Yep! aims to provide for SMEs through its integrated solutions which allow businesses to grow their online presence, drive engagement and generate online leads from a unified platform.”

To learn more about Yep! integrated solutions please visit www.yep.co.za


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