Cape Town, 26 August 2023. Thirty-six school children from Langa will put entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and creativity skills learnt through a programme with VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy and Capitec, to the test at a Young Entrepreneur Market Day on August 26, 2023.
The Market Day is the second such event held by VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy, a non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing young talent and promoting holistic development among primary school children in Langa. The learners, aged 13 and up, completed a comprehensive young entrepreneurs course run by staff from various departments at Capitec, who presented on topics including basic financial management, marketing strategies, and product identification. “The children have been equipped with the basic skills required to conceptualise, initiate, and manage their own small business venture,” said Lebo Mokoena, head of VUSA Academics.
The aspiring young business owners will put their newfound skills to the test at the highly anticipated annual Market Day. “Guided by their learning, each child identifies a product – such as pancakes, plants, freshly-made juices, candy floss or boerewors rolls – calculates its costs, formulates a marketing plan, and sets up a vibrant stall to showcase their products. The event serves as a testament to the learners’ entrepreneurial spirit and creativity,” said VUSA Director, Brendan Fogarty.
“I am so excited and think my shop will be very successful. Experts from Capitec taught us about budgeting and how to do research on our target market,” said learner Kamvalethu Mene. “I can’t wait to sell our doughnuts and muffins, and think we will make a profit.”
Taking part in her second Market Day, Inathi Nxiweni said she had learnt a lot about how to be an entrepreneur. “You have to work with people’s needs and give your all to make your customers happy. Maybe being an entrepreneur is a good career option for those who are still confused about what to do after school.”
VUSA’s commitment to nurturing young talent extends beyond theoretical learning, supported by corporates including Shoprite and Nomu which invested in the learners’ businesses by providing them with initial products to jumpstart their ventures. “This practical exposure to real-world business dynamics empowers the young entrepreneurs and prepares them for future challenges.”
Adding an extra touch of inspiration to the event, several DHL Stormers rugby players will join the festivities. They will inspire and motivate the youngsters by sharing personal stories of perseverance, dedication, and the importance of balancing academics with their athletic pursuits. This interaction underscores the notion that even in the world of professional sports, a multifaceted approach to personal growth and development is invaluable.


“We believe that instilling entrepreneurship skills at an early age is crucial for holistic development. Our annual Market Day not only showcases the business acumen these children have developed but also imparts invaluable life lessons that come from both successes and failures,” said Nikki Matthews, C.O.O of VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy.


The success stories from last year’s programme continue to inspire the current participants. In a heart-warming anecdote, a young girl reinvested her profits from Market Day into purchasing doughnuts from Shoprite and doubled her money by selling the confectionary at school the next day, showcasing the practicality of the skills acquired.

“As VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy celebrates the completion of its second year of this ground-breaking initiative, we reinforce our commitment to fostering a future generation of resilient, creative, and business-savvy individuals who can make a positive impact on their communities,” Matthews said.
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