In a significant stride towards bridging the digital divide in township and informal settlement communities, the Kasi Coders Ekurhuleni pilot programme has successfully concluded its inaugural run. This initiative, spearheaded by the Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation in collaboration with EaziCode and The Digital Learning Hub, aimed to empower learners and youth with essential coding and website development skills.

The bootcamp spanned six weeks, from April 6 to May 18, 2024, and engaged 18 enthusiastic learners from four high schools in a Gauteng township called Daveyton. These learners, selected through a rigorous process involving dynamic interviews, represented the top-performing students in Grades 10 and 11 from their respective schools.


The curriculum was designed to be interactive and engaging, covering key topics that are fundamental to coding and web development. Each day was meticulously planned to ensure that the learners received a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


The culmination of the programme was an awards ceremony that celebrated the hard work and achievements of the learners.


The programme’s impact is profound. Learners expressed excitement and pride at being selected for the bootcamp, which boosted their self-confidence and motivation. One learner shared, “Being handpicked for the programme made me feel very special and boosted my self-confidence.” Another added, “Completing the programme made me eager to pursue a career in ICT, especially since my school doesn’t offer these subjects.”


The newfound skills also provide immediate economic opportunities, enabling learners to start earning by designing websites for local businesses. This is very important as some of the beneficiaries come from child headed families or even living with an unemployed guardian or parent and can make a meaningful contribution in their households.


Building on the success of the bootcamp, a representative from the foundation mentioned that they are planning to host a Tech Week later this year. Additionally, they are establishing a Centre dedicated to driving STEM education, ICT, and digital skills development. These initiatives aim to continue supporting and empowering the youth in these communities, fostering a new generation of tech-savvy individuals ready to contribute to the digital economy.


The success of the Kasi Coders Ekurhuleni Bootcamp would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of EaziCode and The Digital Learning Hub.

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