Steps for Christ, a local non-profit organisation based in Namaqualand, Springbok, is achieving notable advancements in the comprehensive development of youth in the region. Dedicated to instilling positive values in the community’s young individuals, the organisation aims to guide them towards making informed life choices, resisting involvement in criminal activities, and contributing to the overall enhancement of society.

The organisation has received vital support from Kangnas Wind Farm through its community stimulation programme, designed to bolster the sustainability of local businesses. This support encompasses funding for various equipment, including multimedia devices and portable power solutions. This equipment not only plays a pivotal role in skill development among the youth but also serves as a valuable asset for marketing initiatives, aiding in attracting donors and fostering partnerships.

Julio Fitzpatrick, a director of Steps for Christ, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to combatting substance abuse, crime, and addressing broader social issues. Fitzpatrick stated, “Our aim is to spread hope within communities and cultivate functional, responsible members of society through youth programmes and camps.”

During the youth camps, 80 participants aged 12 to 19 engage in presentations, educational games, and hands-on activities, covering diverse topics such as Navigating the Bible, Media Influence, Money Management, and Agriculture.

In collaboration with stakeholders like the Department of Agriculture and SEDA, Steps for Christ introduces youth to farming possibilities and business opportunities.

Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm, highlighted the collaborative efforts, stating, “Steps for Christ’s holistic approach, in collaboration with local stakeholders, exposes youth to diverse opportunities, exploring various career paths beyond academics.”


A participant shared, “The camps are informative and enjoyable. I learn about leadership and overcoming circumstances, realising that, regardless of my background, I can still be a better person.”

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