On the 25th of April 2024, Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation of Daveyton took to a township in Ekurhuleni, South Africa, an initiative that celebrates, together with a group of bright young minds, the world of technology. The occasion being Girls in ICT Day, commemorated yearly on the 4th Thursday of April, a global initiative aimed at encouraging young women to pursue careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). At the forefront of this transformative event was the Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering youth through education and skill-building initiatives.


The day kicked off with learners from Unity Secondary School, Daveyton, renowned for their involvement in coding and robotics, showcased their innovative projects. From self-driving cars to solar-powered fans and cellphone-controlled appliances, the creativity on display was nothing short of inspiring.


“We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and curiosity,” remarked Mr Bonamelo Moloi, CEO of Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation. “Events like Girls in ICT Day provide a platform for young girls to explore their interests in technology and envision a future in STEM fields.”


24 Exceptional girls were honored for their dedication and participation in ICT programs. These young technologists represented the bright future of the industry, poised to make their mark in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


A special guest from ZADNA (ZA Domain Name Authority) shared insights into career opportunities within the ICT field, sparking curiosity and ambition among the attendees. The foundation’s commitment to promoting STEM subjects and encouraging girls to pursue ICT careers was evident throughout the day.


The impact of Girls in ICT Day extended far beyond the event itself, resonating deeply with both students and educators alike. For many attendees, it was a moment of validation and encouragement, igniting a newfound passion for technology. “The recognition we received today meant the world to us,” expressed one of the participants. “It’s inspired us to work even harder and explore new opportunities in ICT.”


The Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation announced its intention to establish a skills center in the community, providing affordable access to ICT and coding programs for young women.

“We envision a future where every girl has the opportunity to pursue her passion for technology,” affirmed the CEO of the foundation. “Through ongoing partnerships and initiatives like Tech Week, we’re committed to making that vision a reality.”


In closing, the foundation expressed heartfelt appreciation to its partners and sponsors whose unwavering support made Girls in ICT Day possible. DigitalNexCode, ZADNA, ZAIGF, and NGOConnectSA were recognized for their invaluable contributions to the success of the event.


In a world where technology continues to shape our future, the voices and talents of girls in ICT are more important than ever. With organizations like the Bonamelo Melisizwe Foundation leading the charge, the future of technology looks brighter than ever before.


For more about the foundation visit https://www.bonamelomelisizwe.foundation/contact/ or contact engage@bonamelomelisizwe.foundation to get involved.


Written by: NGOConnectSA

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