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Eduvos, one of the leaders in private higher education in South Africa, is proud of the expansion of its smart blended learning approach to higher education.

The Covid-19 pandemic illustrated the importance of having flexible learning options and adapting learning models to fit students’ and the world’s changing needs. A 2022 PWC Student Survey found that students have shifted away from in-classroom only learning, preferring online or hybrid learning experiences going forward. This comes in addition to students having more access to information resources that can aid them in different learning styles.

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, it is imperative that teaching modes keep up with these trends. Eduvos has adopted a HyFlex (hybrid flexible) mode of teaching. This approach combines the unique benefits of physical on-campus interaction and engagement with the flexibility of synchronous, online virtual classes that accommodate lifestyles, and instils a holistic higher education approach. The essence of this is that the classroom meets students where they are at and ensures that interactions on campus make the most of what needs to happen in class. This moves away from textbook only learning to learning being a social and engaging activity that fosters debate and critical thinking.

This approach also makes it easier for students who cannot come to class on a regular basis to get their teaching materials and join classes online.

The academic re-engineering process at Eduvos has resulted in the creation of a Design and Future Learning team that drives academic content development and the digital transformation of academic delivery at Eduvos. Within the team, the Development Hub is responsible for content creation within a digital learning journey, ensuring that students have access to the necessary materials anytime and anywhere and that the content is well structured to promote building of concepts and integrated understanding.

This content is generally available even before the academic year officially starts, giving students insight and allowing them to start classes fully prepared with the foundational knowledge to build on.

“Learning should be enjoyable and challenging but not overwhelming. In our inside and outside class learning experiences, students can take their learning to a next level – it’s no longer just about what you know – it is what you can do with it,” says Dr. Mia Beyleveld, head of Design and Future Learning at Eduvos.

Prospective students who have not enrolled at a higher education institution at the beginning of year are not barred from starting their education as soon as they wish. Eduvos has four intakes throughout the year, meaning individuals who want to enrol later don’t have to wait a full year before the next academic intake. This also breaks the paradigm of having a single opportunity to succeed and accomodates the realities of students that have the potential but may need start later.

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