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The South African youth continues to bear the burden of unemployment. According to the Democracy Development Program, only 30% of South African university graduates find employment after graduation. In contrast, 62% of Eduvos graduates either found work or pursued further studies after graduating from Eduvos in 2021.

At Eduvos we prioritise the employability of our students. We understand that Eduvos is only the first step in our students’ professional paths. Therefore, we have taken steps to ensure they are secure after they leave our campuses.

Our dedicated Employability Centre helps students find a job placement to ensure they are secure after they leave Eduvos. The centre also helps students who want to further their studies at other institutions.

The Employability Centre, along with other faculties at Eduvos, is constantly ensuring that our students meet relevant industry stakeholders. Through career fairs, business breakfasts, industry-backed competitions and even some of our coursework, Vossies are building relevant knowledge and networks in their chosen career path.

“Employability Centres at Eduvos, online and face-to-face, are where qualifications and the world of work meet to ensure that we are shaping potential – student by student – towards Africa’s prosperity,” says Cheryl Smith, head of the Employability Centre at Eduvos. “We are dedicated to developing knowledgeable and skilled graduates.”

We do not want our students to have a degree that they cannot use. Our academic staff comprises a combination of academics and industry professionals. They know what it takes to succeed in the working world and use their contacts and knowledge to get students where they need to be to get job placements after graduation.

Eduvos only offers a limited number of postgraduate degrees. For this reason, the Employability Centre also helps students who want to further their studies at other institutions.

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