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The reality of today’s cyber security landscape: defensive strategies aren’t enough. Despite the plethora of available tools and technologies, cyber security remains a constant battle for corporations around the globe, thanks to the growing sophistication of cyber crime and an ever-changing threat landscape.

Bad actors from nation states to professional cyber criminals to disgruntled employees can devastate any company in seconds, without warning, before any internal system can detect them. A recent report from Microsoft shared a sample snapshot of the malicious activity that’s possible in just one 60-second window: 34 740 password attacks, 1 902 internet of things (IOT)-based attacks, 1 095 distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and a host of other attacks ranging from phishing to SQL injection to ransomware and beyond. All in a span of a minute.

So, what’s a company to do – how can organisations possibly stay ahead in an environment where threats are more prevalent than ever and can wreak havoc before they are detected? The only winning cyber security strategy in this day and age is a proactive one. In other words, the best defence is a strong offence and taking that approach requires a combination of battle-tested, frontline experience and deep technical knowledge, along with the agility to respond quickly and mitigate the threat.


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