22 February 2023

Monday 27 February is World NGO Day, when people  celebrate non-governmental organisations (NGOs), their staff, and their contribution to society.

Inyathelo, which works to build capacity and encourage long-term sustainability of local NGOs, will hold an open day at its Civil Society Hub in Woodstock, Cape Town on World NGO Day, 27 February.

The aim is to grow awareness of its facilities and services, many of which are free, and to honour and thank those who work selflessly to build a better society and support a vibrant democracy.

The Hub, considered to be the only dedicated NGO facility in Africa, includes a book lounge with over 2000 books, publications, toolkits and directories, and meeting spaces for group work.

Inyathelo acting Executive Director Feryal Domingo said they had invited several organisations, which offer complementary services in the sector, to take part in World NGO Day. The themes and participants include:

  1. Governance and financial resilience: Inyathelo will provide information and advice.
  2. Compliance: DSD NPO Helpdesk enables NGOs to check their registration status and obtain advice on documentation.
  3. Sector work and burnout: NPOwer offers a mental health support programme and 24-hour toll-free helpline.
  4. Technology: Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC specialises in technology capacity building in civil society organisations.

“We encourage NGOs to send us a short video clip, maximum one minute, sharing a story of their work, or a message that will encourage others to celebrate and support them. These will be shared on  our  social media pages and website,” said Domingo.

Inyathelo’s services include providing  advice and training on how to give and use funds effectively for the greatest social impact. The organisation offers free face-to-face and online clinic services, plus support via phone, email, and its ASKInyathelo web portal.

NGOs and other organisations can rent office, hot desking and conference/meeting spaces in the Hub. Inyathelo welcomed 5353 NGO venue hire/conference delegates, and 63 on-site tenants, from 2016-2022.


Open Day: 27 February 2023 | Time: 09:00 – 12:00 | Venue: 2nd Floor The Armoury, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Find out more about Inyathelo: https://www.inyathelo.org.za/ | email  info@inyathelo.org.za |phone 021 465 6981.


Inyathelo acting Executive Director Feryal Domingo.

Inyathelo’s Civil Society Hub, the site of World NGO Day activities.


World NGO Day was officially proposed and recognised in 2010.  It was marked by the UN, EU, Nordic Council leaders and international organisations in 2014.

The universal concept of World NGO Day is to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate with various NGOs around the world, and the people behind them who contribute to society all year around. It aims to inspire people to become more actively involved within the NGO sector and to encourage greater interaction between NGOs and the public and private sectors. See https://worldngoday.org/

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