TradeGPT is a new AI-powered education tool from Bybit. It uses the ChatGPT model and Bybit’s crypto exchange data to provide real-time market analysis and answers to crypto traders.
According to Bybit CEO Ben Zhou, TradeGPT is a revolutionary tool that will enhance the learning experience and outcomes of traders of all levels.

“We believe that education is the key to unlocking the full potential of crypto trading,” said Zhou in a media statement. “TradeGPT is not only a tool, but also a platform for change. It will empower our users to become more confident, informed, and successful in their trading journey.”

Bybit users can access TradeGPT through a chat interface and ask questions related to crypto trading, such as market trends, strategies, products, and risk management. TradeGPT will provide real-time market analysis and answers in multiple languages, acting as a mentor and guide to the exponential world of Web3.

“Our analysts and tech team created ToolsGPT to provide the financial education and mentorship that is sorely needed in our hyper-financialized world,” said Vivien Fang, head of financial products at Bybit.

“Essentially, we built the tool that we all wished we had when we began our careers in financial engineering and trading. We’re proud to offer this for free as part of our mission to become the world’s Crypto Ark.”

TradeGPT is currently in beta and will officially launch in October 2023. Bybit users who are interested in trying it out can sign up for early access on Bybit’s website.

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