With the first term in full swing, don’t forget that Bingo, the anti-litter mascot, is available for school appearances to remind learners to Bin it in a Bingo Bin.

Bingo continues to capture the imagination of audiences at public appearances. At World Read Aloud Day, Bingo was invited by his friend Libee the Library mascot to read a specially-written story about them saving the rivers from litter together. He also participated in the mascot dash at the HSBC Sevens against Bokkie and other mascots. Unfortunately he was distracted from the race by a piece of litter, but he won the hearts of spectators with his unwavering commitment to cleaning up in Cape Town.

Now, the City would like to remind schools that they can also benefit from Bingo’s engaging presence and impactful message.

A visit from Bingo to your school can be easily arranged through an online booking platform, accessible on the City’s website. These appearances offer an engaging opportunity for students to learn about environmental stewardship through performances, interactive games and lively antics.


During school events, Bingo not only entertains, but also delivers an educational talk on litter prevention and the significance of waste minimisation and recycling. By engaging with Bingo, students are inspired to contribute to a cleaner, greener community, and to help build happier and healthier futures.

‘It’s crucial to instil the values of environmental responsibility in our youth from an early age, while they are still more impressionable. It is significantly more challenging to reverse littering and dumping once these behaviours have become entrenched. By bringing Bingo into schools, you can help inspire and educate your learners about the importance of keeping our city clean and living sustainably, before it’s too late,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management, Alderman Grant Twigg.

Bingo is already fully booked for February, and his schedule for March is steadily filling up. Act fast if you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Please note: Completing and submitting the request form does not guarantee a booking.

Source Social Tv: https://social-tv.co.za/book-bingo-the-citys-anti-litter-mascot-for-a-fun-filled-and-educational-visit/

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