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It’s been a year since some of the country’s brightest young minds began their careers as graduate trainees in the BET Software Graduate Programme, in Umhlanga, Durban. The BET Software Graduate Programme provided these graduates with the opportunity to gain workplace experience based on their ICT-related areas of study.

BET Software is proud of this 2022 group of trainees who have now officially become part of the BET Software team permanently, as software testers, business intelligence engineers, software development engineers, junior database administrators, a junior business analyst, a UI/UX web administrator, an IT projects administrator and a project administrator.

The graduate trainees had a carefully designed work plan over 12 months, which included learning soft skills, business skills and financial literacy, as they got to know BET Software’s core products. They were exposed to various departments within BET Software, with the help of assigned mentors from the BET Software team.

BET Software’s aim is to make a sustainable, meaningful change by guiding and empowering learners and students through access to technology, education, and skills development. The goal is to create a pipeline for recruitment and employment at BET Software.

BET Software’s general manager, Michael Collins, says, “We witnessed some global tech companies scaling down last year, but we’re fortunate as BET Software to be able to take in our graduate trainees permanently, which means we are also tackling the tech skills gap. It speaks to how we put our hands up to be part of the solution, and demonstrates the successful lifecycle of our CSI work. One of our values as a company is that every day is an adventure, therefore, we look forward to seeing what these new team members will contribute to the industry.”


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