“Achieving a digital economy workforce of tomorrow”
We aim to support one million young people to find work and plan their transition to the digital economy between now and 2022 through a flagship event of All4Youth Regional Alliance, “CEO&Youth Connect”. A collaborative intervention led by various multinational companies dedicated to reduce youth unemployment across sub-Saharan Africa. Senior leaders from the alliance will meet on 8 November 2021 to discuss skills of the future required in their organisations as well as share programmes, training, and initiatives designed to prepare youth for the digital era.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an economic crisis, forcing tens of millions of people out of work. As economies continue with the reopening journey, some jobs may not come back, yet we continue to see a rise in the number of youth joining the job market. “We have therefore put the best of our resources to support this recovery, including using data to understand the most in-demand roles, supporting with skilling and reskilling needs for job seekers and job creators. Partnerships such as this will play a critical role and will support us to scale us to more youth and increase the impact across the African continent,” noted Ghada Khalifa, director for Microsoft Philanthropies for Middle East and Africa.

Bruno Olierhoek, chairman and managing director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region, emphasised the importance of senior leaders taking keen interests in the development and ultimate successes of the youth. “We are driven by our inspiring purpose that is so relevant in our East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) and we want to do good by addressing societal challenges such as climate change, sustainability and youth unemployment. To help contribute to these major challenges, we realise the need to work in an ecosystem which is entrenched around long-term thinking, with immediate actions. Through our involvement in different programmes supporting the youth in employment and employability, entrepreneurship and agri-preneurship we are committed to continuously define projects that are fully integrated in our value chain for them to be viable over the long term and be able to make a real meaningful impact for the community and us.”

“The youth of today are the builders and leaders of tomorrow. As Adcorp we know that enabling agility, focus and skill in the youth of today is the key to unlocking their potential for tomorrow,” highlighted Dr John Wentzel, chief executive officer, Adcorp Group.

In the last two years, alliance partners have reached over 150,000 young people, empowered over 3,000 young people through employability and mentorship programmes. Giving high potential young talent access to a network of high-performing industry professionals that accelerate opportunities, career and personal development goals.

We encourage young people to register for the upcoming event to www.ceoyouthconnect.com and learn more about in-demand skills, insights to future of work and opportunities alliance partners have available for youth.

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