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Private education provider ADvTECH says it will begin rolling out a locally-developed, personalised learning digital platform across its schools this month.

This, according to ADvTECH, is to enhance learning in mathematics, physical sciences and mathematical literacy, subjects considered key for entry into the ICT sector.

Named ADvLEARN, the new platform was developed in partnership with Pretoria-based software-as-a-service company MathU, states ADvTECH.

According to a statement, ADvLEARN is a customised platform that provides personalised learning paths using adaptive technology to deliver data-driven insights and learning analytics.

“We are very excited to have partnered with MathU to bring this ground-breaking digital learning platform to our Grade 7 to 12 students, a move which will further cement our reputation as a leader in education in the country, in line with our vision to stay at the forefront of global technological innovation and emerging best practices,” says Desiree Hugo, academic head at ADvTECH’s Schools Division.

In terms of roll out, the education provider reveals that the ADvTECH Schools Division will introduce ADvLEARN in mathematics for grades seven to 12, physical science for grades 10 to 12, and mathematical literacy for grades 10 to 12.

According to it, the pedagogy applied in ADvLEARN seeks to find the gaps in pupils’ learning, and then fill these gaps to ensure they improve their understanding in core areas. Through adaptive learning technology, the system supports both learners who want to progress faster as well as those requiring reinforcement of key concepts.

The platform uses engineering principles to map, monitor, and assess student progress. Furthermore, it has been adapted to cater to the specific needs of schools and universities, reveals ADvTECH.

“In addition to enhancing student learning, ADvLEARN will also give teachers the ability to instantly allocate relevant student work and homework to student devices, immediately access student performance and achievement data, as well as easily view and identify concepts needing reteaching and review,” notes Hugo.

“We are truly excited about taking education another step into the future in 2023, and look forward to seeing how this strategic partnership cements and accelerates STEM learning for our students.”


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