BabyYumYum’s latest virtual wellness workshop offers solution to parents with babies and children who struggle to sleep through the night.

What do parents really want? It’s a question that has been asked for years. And – the fastest-growing free parenting portal in South Africa – knows the answer: parents want a trustworthy source of information to help them feel empowered on their parenting journey. And the latest virtual wellness workshop in’s series will deliver exactly that.

In October 2022, partnered with acclaimed paediatric nutritionist and founder of Nutripaeds, Kath Megaw, to host the first in a series of wellness workshops, which focused on helping parents tackle problems around their children’s fussy or picky eating.

Due to the success of this workshop, will be hosting a second wellness workshop on 4 March 2023, this time in collaboration with Good Night, a sleep consultancy that specialises in helping parents with babies and children who struggle to sleep through the night.

Numerous studies have proven that children who get an adequate amount of sleep not only exhibit improved mood and behaviour, but it also improved their attention, memory and ability to learn.

And sleep is just as important for parents, with one study estimating that new parents only get about 5,5 hours of sleep a night, adding up to a shocking 900 hours of lost sleep in the first year alone.

Managing director of Good Night, Jolandi Becker, says, “As a parent, you only need to have one bad night to understand why sleep is so important – we’re irritable, have reduced concentration and less energy, which all make parenting much more difficult.”

Which is why the team at Good Night specialises in giving each family a customised sleep plan that will work for them, ensuring the new sleep routines and practices are something the parents feel comfortable implementing and, crucially, they offer parental support throughout the process.

But The Ackermans Parent & Child Sleep Workshop in association with Good Night and Kath Megaw, brought to you by, will address more than just problems related to night time sleep, the day will also feature expert speakers addressing topics like the science behind sleep, how a child’s physical and emotional development affects sleep, the role of nutrition and environment, and the impact routines have on a child’s ability to sleep through the night.

If you want your baby, toddler or child to sleep better, this one-day virtual workshop will equip you with all the information you need to make that happen in a healthy, responsible way.

How to book

Tickets for the Parent and Child Wellness Workshop cost R250 each and are available from Quicket or


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