By Jayshree Hanragee

From my years as an undergraduate through to working while studying for my Master’s degree, combining study with full-time employment has undoubtedly been a challenge. During this period, I have seen many candidates for job roles from all walks of life, each of them diverse in their knowledge, talents and abilities.

Be realistic

Expecting to get a high-level position at the beginners stage is generally an unrealistic goal when searching for your first full-time role. It’s fine to start at the bottom. Finding your dream job in today’s modern and dynamic job market requires flexibility in your approach. You must be willing to attempt new strategies that will help you cast a wide net and boost your chances of being employed. It is obvious that digital technology has had a significant impact on recruitment trends, so take advantage of it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In the workplace, skills serve as a sort of trade. The more skills you have, the more valued you will be as an employee. Knowing how to effectively collaborate with others and play to people’s strengths is a valuable skill for success when you initially start out. The more you understand how to function in a group, the better you’ll be able to perform as a unit. Without teamwork skills, you’ll be at a disadvantage within the company.

Communication is key

Another important aspect to consider for your goal of employability is being able to communicate effectively. Always communicate what you want to say in a concise, accurate and suitable manner, and aim to maximise the efficacy of your communications by using methods appropriate to the situation.

Focus on the solution

Employers reward employees who can work through problems on their own or as part of a team by outlining difficulties, brainstorming options, discussing ideas, and ultimately making sound judgments. Therefore, developing effective problem solving is one of the key attributes that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Confidence breeds success

Confidence may appear to be a personality feature, but it is a talent that can be learned, improved and developed just like any other. You can boost your confidence in certain areas simply by practicing; the more you do something, the more confident you will become at it.

Regardless of what industry you desire to work in, these top five skills can help you to perform more effectively in your search for success. Good luck.

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