Engineering consulting firm Gibb has partnered with government’s Youth Employment Service (Yes) initiative to help drive future employability among South Africa’s youth. According to Stats SA, the unemployment status of the country’s youth remains critical, with seven million people, or 56.1% of those aged 15-34, unemployed.

Siphamandla Mahlaba, senior learning and development consultant at Gibb, says, “Many of the learners who are part of the initiative at Gibb don’t have prior work experience.”

“The programme will provide the students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience that will make them more employable in the future, be it within Gibb if an opportunity arises or at future employers once their 12-month period with Gibb ends.”

Fifteen students were selected for the initiative and have been deployed across several business units within Gibb.

Maike Zirzow, human resources business partner at Gibb, adds that while many of these students may not have industry experience, they will also be exposed to what the company defines as good work ethics – a skill which is crucial to ensure their future workplace success.


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