The South African economy has slowed down due to the pandemic and the latest unrest, but we’re now more than ever encouraging our job seekers to keep going as organisations are still hiring! The logic is simple: The most secure jobs right now are in the professional sphere, and again – organisations are still hiring, I cannot highlight this enough. But where does one even start? We give you 12 tips for job searching during a pandemic:

1. Get the job search support you need.

Searching and applying for jobs is hard even in the best of times. Watch online motivational videos and follow inspirational individuals on social media in order to keep going.

2. Have your essential needs covered.

If you’re struggling with essentials like food and housing, it’ll be hard to focus on your professional job search.

3. Set up your workspace.

If possible, set up a quiet, dedicated workspace in your home with strong internet access and the office accessories that you need to make work go smoothly.

4. Have a plan of attack.

Set aside dedicated work time with minimal distractions. You may want to organize your job search using a common productivity method and Kanban-style organizer:

5. Stay informed.

How is your industry adapting to the pandemic and recession? Where is the demand and slowdown in hiring? Knowing this can help you sell yourself to employers. Stay informed by reading widely, joining online conversations, and following industry leaders on LinkedIn.

6. Know who’s hiring.

Hunt for the companies that are hiring. Chances are, demand for new hires has shifted and not gone away in your industry.

7. Improve your LinkedIn.

EVERYONE is online now, so your online presence is more important than ever! Strengthen your LinkedIn profile and start connecting.

8. Get really good at virtual conferencing.

The future of work is online. This means teleconferencing apps are king. Get comfortable with the most common ones, learn good video etiquette, and brush up on virtual interview skills.

9. Keep networking, remotely.

Stay in engaged on LinkedIn, attend virtual job fairs and networking events, and arrange informational interviews with new connections.

10. Build your hard skills.

Take online classes, volunteer, do contract and gig work, and show future employers that you are making the best of a hard situation.

11. Keep applying.

Yes, companies are still hiring. But here are some job search tips you might find useful:

  • Confirm with a recruiter that a position you find online is actually hiring right now.
  • Before any virtual interview, run a test call on the company’s chosen conferencing platform.
  • During your interview, consider asking how the pandemic has impacted the company’s strategic business and hiring goals, what the work-from-home mandate is like (if any), how the company has supported workers during the pandemic, and what the culture and feel of the office is during normal times.
  • If you get hired, ask about the onboarding timetable and what is involved.

12. Be patient!

Your job search may take a little more time than usual. The best approach is to remain as cordial and communicative as possible with recruiters and hiring managers.




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